Redline R530

Our good friends at Redline just sent us their R530 urban bicycle to test:

Say, what’s in the box?

Here’s a bit about the bike from Redline’s website…

European Sophistication

Lightweight 6061 aluminum frame that is specially designed for utilitarian use. Shock absorbing Suntour front fork with 50mm of travel. Quiet, “maintenance free,�? easy shifting Shimano Nexus 7 speed drive train & highly efficient roller brakes. Easy fit handlebars & stem adjust for comfortable upright riding positions. Sturdy aluminum double wall rims with stainless steel spokes, with flat resistant tubes for trouble free adventure. Comes fully dressed with fenders, rear cargo carrier, full chainguard, & shock-absorbing seatpost. Available in a step thru & 4 diamond style frame sizes (S-XL).

The wheels are 700c for smooth rolling, and this bike is absolutely packed with features, including a couple things I’ve never played with before, such as the Shimano hub-mounted roller brakes.

The bike was well-packed for shipping…bubblewrap and zipties galore:

Stay tuned for our first impressions next week and a full review to follow in about a month…but let me leave you with this: this bike is CUSHY and a blast to ride (I took it on its maiden voyage to work and back today)!

ready to roll


  1. Moe

    Wow, that bike’s nice! I reminds me of the Breezer Villager sans the lights.

  2. Mike Myers

    I like the looks, but not the suspension fork. That bike screams out for a big basket.

  3. Clancy

    Nice bike…. did they mention a price? Website says nothing.

  4. Quinn

    a suspension fork?? I better be able to take it off road!

    -Thoughts of a rigid mtb rider

  5. Ghost Rider

    I’ll try to locate an MSRP for the bike…you’re right: the website is sparse on pricing info.

    The suspension fork is intended for taking the sting out of rough streets, cobblestones and potholes…it only has 50mm of travel, so I don’t think it’s up to the task of serious offroading (nor is the bike intended for such). It DOES take the sting out of the roads, though!

  6. Justin

    I’d trade that suspension for for a basket and/or some nice lights!

  7. Evan

    That looks really interesting. I’ve never even heard of “roller brakes” before. The suspension fork seems like overkill on a bike like that, but then again what do I know?

    I like the fenders , the rear rack, and the chain guard. Looks comfortable but maybe a bit too gadgety for me.

  8. Ghost Rider

    Roller brakes have been a Shimano product since the dawn of their Nexus internal hubs…it’s basically a “module” that fits onto the outside of the hub, and gives many of the same benefits of disc brakes without the maintenance hassles.

  9. Clancy

    I think someone could hit a homerun with a bike priced at $400 with these amenities including the 7spd hub. So many people do not ride bikes because they are too complex to ride. Somebody returning to cycling does not like the complexity(27 speeds) of the entry level bikes available. I am a firm believer in the KISS theory.

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  11. Jim

    It looks great, perfect for my needs, only problem is none of the Redline dealers within 100 miles of me (Charlotte, NC) has one to test ride, and since Redline won’t take the bike back, and since most Redline dealers are BMX-oriented, no dealer will order one for me without a substantial non-refundable deposit. I like supporting smaller businesses, but it’s hard to support one when you can’t ride their product. Wouldn’t you think they could have a couple of R530s they could ship around for demos? I’d pay the one-way shipping cost.

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