Win a Genuine Wool Cycling Cap

I happen to have a new-never-worn Wool Cycling Cap (LARGE/XL) that I would like to give away. So what s the catch? Nothing, all we ask is you leave a comment below and we ll pick one random winner. It s that easy!

wool cycling cap

You must be a US Resident to enter.

Contest Ends October 7th at Midnight PST.

Good luck!

*No other sizes available, so don t ask.


  1. Corbin Baird

    This hat would have been perfect on my ride to work this morning!


    I need something to wear under my helme(n)t.

  3. floodx


  4. Dan

    Ooh! Ooh! Pick me!!

  5. Michael

    I would enjoy that hat.

  6. Greg Mitchell

    That is a sweet hat and I have a MASSIVE head it would fit on

  7. Tony Panero

    This would complete my gear for next April s L Eroica in Paso Robles.

  8. jdmitch


  9. Gary Young

    Random comment.

  10. Brittany

    Not normally a cycling cap person, but I LOVE this one. Would keep my head toasty once Denver FINALLY decides fall can start.

  11. Kevin

    Wool is where it s at. And Walz are the best. I d love one.

  12. BornToBeMild

    You should see if any readers have one to send your way - you could call it “Cap and Trade”. Groan.

  13. Jay Bruce

    I have an enormous head and can t find an xl cycling cap anywhere. This will be perfect. fingers crossed

  14. Brian

    Hats are good.

  15. Peter Davis

    Nice hat.

  16. Scott Douglas

    What s a “random comment”?

  17. Tyler

    Caps not hats!

  18. @flyinArmenian

    Would be perfect for the frosty morning commutes in Missouri this fall!

  19. Doug C

    You didn t say that you had to do math to leave a comment

  20. Stuart Nottingham

    Winter s coming, and I could use a new cap!

  21. TJ Knight

    Nice cap! I d wear it.

  22. David W

    Looks comfy i would love a chance to win.

  23. @Talks4Wales

    I d sure look cool commentating at CycloCross wearing this.

  24. Alan Haycox

    Cool hat that d keep me warm, when on the mic at outdoor cycle races.

  25. John

    As a school bus driver who bike commutes multiple times a day this hat would sure look alot better than my helmet hair or the Philadelphia Phillies hat I m currently sporting. And it could be a real conversation starter with the kids. Help plant the idea of bike to school by giving me a hat, please. =)

  26. John

    Cap, I meant cap, not a hat. Cap. Sorry about that. =)

  27. Gene

    Yes please. Where can I buy one of these fine hats if I m not the winner?

  28. Laura

    Good lookin cap.

  29. Edward

    I d look great wearing that cap!

  30. Ethan Frankel

    Got caps but no cycling caps.

  31. Tom

    I am commenting!

  32. Erich Landstrom

    That expression “to cap it off” could have been created just for this smart-looking cap!

  33. Dave Petty

    How many people do you have from Wichita Ks reading your blog? That would be me. Thank you.

  34. Bill

    I felt that cap should be mine …..Oh yes it will be mine.

  35. Tim

    no u.s. citizen but I try either

  36. Dan

    Looks perfect.

  37. David P.

    i would love this cap and brandish it frequently

  38. Valentin Alex

    great cap !

  39. Mike Tilman

    This is my comment. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. My comment is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my comment is useless. Without my comment, I am useless.

  40. J Leddy

    My head gets cold sometimes. and my cat s breath smells like cat food.

  41. Chip G

    Wool is cool!

  42. Daniel Keough

    I don t yet have a ‘cycling cap ! AND I cycle!

  43. Daniel Keough

    Wool cycling caps are gnarly.

  44. David Hunter

    Wool! Love the heather grey look.

  45. Suzanne Gardner

    Love this!!!

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