KHS and Bike Commuters

You may have noticed that we feature a lot of KHS stuff on this site. Well, it is because we have a great relationship with them. Vince C, Henry H and Vince R are super cool KHS employees that support bike commuting. Back in February we had a chance to visit their US Headquarters located in Dominguez Hills. Check out our article at by clicking here.

Commuting to McD’s

My wife and I couldn’t decide where to go out to eat yesterday. Neither of us wanted to drive. So I suggested to ride the bikes to McD’s. My wife was apprehensive at first, but I told her that I’ve done it before. So I hooked up my Copilot Trailer to the B27-R, loaded the kids and off to McD’s we went.

Grace loves her new Mountain Bike, so she decided to ride that instead of something more ‘street’ suitable, eh, to each its own.

We all had a good time riding to McD’s, Grace didn’t think it was so bad after all. I guess the biggest obstacle that a Bike Commuter has to overcome is Fear of traffic.