May is National Bike Month!

Please allow us to be the first to wish you a happy, safe and fun National Bike Month — there are events going on all around the country and there should be a lot of good times out there…


If you’re new to commuting and just discovering us, take a look at our extensive archives by browsing the category list at the lower right column of our homepage…we’ve covered a LOT of territory in the past few years, including advocacy issues, news and events, product and bicycle reviews and plenty more.

And, if you’re doing something special to celebrate National Bike Month — a group event, personal goal or anything else — please let us know about it in the comments below.

Keep the flesh side up and the rubber side down,
Your friends at RL, Moe, Jack, Elizabeth and Noah

Freedom Bicycle Tires

We recently took delivery of 2 sets of tires from Freedom Bicycle, a WTB company.

The Thickslick
freedom thickslick

2x’s the Puncture Protection of a standard rubber casing
Urban, Commuter, 700 x 25c
Details:Urban Armor Casing, Wire Bead
Elite Folding
Details:DuraStrip, Folding Cable
Deluxe Details:DuraStrip, Wire Bead
Sport Details:Wire Bead

The Ryder Tire


The Ryder is offered in 700x32c; 700x35c; 700x38c

Hybrid, Touring, Commuter
Fast Centerline Tread with Flexible outside knobs for grabbing pavement
Urban Armor Casing, Reflective Strip, Wire bead
Urban Armor Casing, Wire Bead
Wire Bead

We’ll be testing these tires and report back on the results.

Here’s a Cool New Resource

Aaron Dalton, the editor of Bikeway Central, dropped me a note today to tell me about his site…it’s so good that we’re immediately adding it to our blogroll!


Aaron is developing a clearinghouse for U.S. bike maps and advocacy groups — and he’s asking for your help to add more to his lists. If you know of a good bike map produced by your local/regional/state planning groups or advocacy organizations that deserve some extra recognition, please let him know by using the “Contact Me” buttons on the Bikeway Central site. I’ve already submitted a couple of items, and am planning on sending more just as soon as I’m done here!

Check out Bikeway Central — it’s good stuff.

Upcoming Event: Ask a Lawyer!

Megan Olendorf from the public relations department of gave us the heads-up on a cool event they’re hosting this week:

This Wednesday, April 28 at 11AM PT / 2PM ET, Avvo ( is hosting a free Q&A session with a lawyer who can address everything related to Bike Law.

Here is the link to sign up:

Essentially, people can call in from a telephone or join in over their computer. If they have a legal question but can’t make it next week, they can also send in their question ahead of time. We’ll be sure to ask it and then send the recorded answer after the session.

We think it’s a great opportunity for bikers facing a legal issue to get some free help, or more importantly, raise awareness to prevent legal issues in the future.

This is a great idea…and if this event is successful, they’ll repeat it. I’m sure we’ve all been stumped by some of the more esoteric points of our areas’ laws and our rights/responsibilities as road-using cyclists, and an opportunity to get some free legal advice is always a good thing. Tune in and check it out!

Soma Fab Double Cross 100 mile Update

The Soma Double Cross has had a mix of dirt and street miles logged in. I’d say about half of my rides were all on the local trails.

My indoor bike parking at work.

On the road the Double Cross is quick, responsive and VERY durable. I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about pot holes or having to bunny hop the occasional obstacle. It helps that this bike is a cyclocross, the wheels and tires allow for more abuse than a standard road bike, and it does ride faster and smoother than a mountain bike. I plan on giving it more time on the saddle before I post a final review.