Register Now for HBL’s Haleiwa Metric Century

Aloha Hawaii readers, or Bike Commuters looking for an easy-breezy excuse for a two-wheeled vacation.  Sign up for the Haleiwa Metric Century Ride hosted by Hawaii Bicycling League now and receive a free dri-fit tee shirt.  Here are some deets on the ride:

Date: Start: Sunday, April 28, 2013 @ 7:30 AM

Address: Kaiaka Bay Beach Park, 66-449 Haleiwa Rd Haleiwa, HI

Fees: $40 to $100

Registration Closing Date: Saturday, April 27, 2013 @ 3:00 AM PST

This is an easy family event along the mostly flat scenic routes of the North Shore out of Haleiwa!  Click on this link to see the google map.  As usual, you can choose how far you’d like to ride.  Contact for more info.

Bike Share Success!

Okay everyone, luckily boyfriend and I were able to sign up for the Mejor en Bici FREE bike share program all in a matter of 24 hours right here in our neighborhood in Buenos Aires!  What does that mean?  Finally my whiny bikeless butt can get some bike share action.

butt note

Overall Impressions of the Mejor en Bici Bike Share:

  • The price is right for $Free.99
  • Service can be hit or miss
  • Good quality helmets
  • Free map of the bike routes in the city is SUPER useful
  • I wish there were more stations, since the limit is one hour at a time
  • Bikes with baskets – I love it (what can I say, easy to please)
  • Open hours are Monday-Friday, 8am -8pm; Saturdays, 10am- 3pm; and closed Sundays

And a tip to share before I get into the details… If you are riding around with a bag or purse, loop the straps around your handles before placing it in your front basket to avoid purse-snatching at stops.  A tip I learned from my friend in Paris.

purse tip photo

Success: How to Sign Up for Mejor en Bici

After reading this extremely useful article on Mejor en Bici from Wander Argentina, signing up was surprisingly simple.  First, we went to the Police station nearest our house (open 24 hours) and, as we are not Argentines, we needed to get a Domicile Certificate.  We paid the 10 Argentine pesos, and waited as the officer copied down our passport information and our address.  The next day at 8am, the mail man slipped the completed form under our apartment door, with signature and stamp of approval.  We took the form, and made photocopies of it and our passports and made our way to the Mejor en Bici station at Plaza Italia.

mejor en b

Here is where we had a bit of a communication breakdown – the girl working the desk sent us to another station only 4 blocks away where the clerks spoke fluent English.  Apparently our Castellano was so terrible, that the first girl didn’t have the patience to fill out the forms and take our pictures.  Anyway, we had a fantastic experience in English, turned in our certificate and photocopies, and got a great little orientation session on the program.  Now, anytime we want to check out bikes for FREE, we can show up to any Mejor en Bici station, ask for a bike and helmet, and give our passport and pin # we and we’re good for up to an hour.  The bikes can be “recharged” at other stations in the city if you need more than an hour.  You can even check online for availability of bikes per station – it’s live.

So, I took it one of the clunky yellow cruisers for a ride to a meeting in another neighborhood and dropped it off at the nearest station.  The seat was a little low, and the quick release was rusted in place, so there was a lot of standing on this ride.  After I dropped off the bike, I gave them my number, then I walked another 15 minutes to the office.  Good thing I didn’t decide to keep the bike with me at the office, since the meeting went on FOREVER!  I would have received a penalty on my account for going over the hour allotted, and wouldn’t be able to use the free bike for a week.

Bike Mural Buenos Aires
Sweet bike mural en route… courtesy of whiskeyandtears.

Thus ends my short spell of Bikeless Butt Envy… Hopefully I’ll keep my butt happy by smashing it into these yellow city bicis on the regular.  If you have any bike share tips or stories for the world, post em in the comments box, below.  Bicibrazos, Bike Commuters!

Riding with a helmet cam

One of the things I’ve started doing was commuting with a helmet cam mounted on my bicycle or helmet. You’re probably asking why? Well I actually got this tip from my friend Officer Ben. Not only does he use it when he’s commuting to the station on his motorcycle, but he uses his camera each time he deals with people. He said that if anything were to happen, he has video proof.

So I started doing this myself with both my motorcycle and my bicycle. I basically will turn it on from the time I leave my home and turn it off when I get to my destination. I have a pretty big SD card that handles the recording for the duration. If it was an uneventful ride, then I delete the video I just captured so it doesn’t take up room. Then on my way home, I record again.

Officer Ben uses a product called Veho Muvi HD10 Camcorder. This camera is actually small enough to be mounted on the lapel or pocket of your outer garment.

I’ve been using a GoPro Hero2 mounted on my handlebar.
gopro hero2

Basically having a camera will help protect you in the event that someone hits you. Protection meaning if they claim that it was not their fault, you can simply say you have it on video.

As unfortunate it is for the 2 riders getting hit, the video helped the Police find the driver and arrest that person.

Here’s another video in which a camera helped get the Police find the harassing driver.

Happy (belated) birthday to RL!

Please join us in wishing site founder/husky model/downhill racer/all-around good guy RL Policar a happy birthday! His special day was last week, and the rest of us dropped the ball in getting his “virtual birthday cake” up on the site for everyone to enjoy.

Here, have a piece of cake and help him celebrate his special day a few days late:


Enjoy, RL! We hope your birthday was filled with fun and cycling adventures!

How do you like it? Wet or Dry?

Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of chain lubes on both my commuter and mountain bikes. But more recently I’ve used what ever was closest to me. From my experience when talking to others about lube, it’s much like religion or politics, people will have their own opinions on what’s right and wrong.

So I leave you the question; “Which type of lube (wet or dry) do you use and why?”