Most Useful Gadgets That You Must Try

Cycling is quickly becoming the best way to get to and from work for those of us that live in big cities, and with that comes an influx of new technologies that have been developed to make the journey safer, easier or more fun. This is no surprise that the number of people using a bike to get around is increasing, after all, it is the safest way to travel and has a variety of health benefits, and that isn’t even mentioning that you’re saving the world by doing so. But, which gadgets on the market should you test out on your next commute?

Revolights Bicycle Lighting

This ingenious piece of technology is one of the best gadgets on the market, and not only does it add a layer of style to your bike but also increases the security. The LED ring on the bike wheels light up as you pedal and the wheels are spinning. This ensures that others can see you when you are on the road and also so that you can easily see around your surroundings in the dark. Not done there, it is also complete with the ability to change color when you slow down and when you’re turning direction.

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves

You no longer need to bet on the people around you, seeing your hand action. Instead, this clever piece of kits allows people around you to easily see that you’re turning as your gloves light up announcing that you’re doing so. The kit is made up with Lycra Spandex with leather palms, and 54 LED arrow-shaped signs form the lights. The gloves are battery powered and are censored so that they are brighter in the daylight hours to extend battery life. This piece of kit is a must-have for all commuters.

GoPro Hero5

Whether you’re an adventurous biker or just use the bike to get to and from work, this GoPro could be a lifesaver in both circumstances. It is the perfect way to capture your journey, and the size of the device means that it can easily attach to your big. The environment that it is in makes no difference as it is built to operate in even the worst of conditions. It is weather-resistant and can capture footage in 1080p, and is incredibly affordable. For commuters, it is also a handy piece of kit if there are dangerous drivers on the road that could cause an accident for fellow bikers.

ICEdot Crash Sensor

It is always wise to prepare for the worst, and this piece of kits takes care of all those worries for you. The simple small device can be attached to your helmet, and it will detect if the wearer has crashed. At first, it will set off an alarm on your phone, and should that not be deactivated then an automatic location is sent to an emergency contact. The batteries in the device are rechargeable and typically last for 20 hours. It is a smart gadget that is good for even the most unlikely of circumstances.