Best Affordable Electric Bike: 5 Key Tips for Buying an Electric Bike

It’s important to do your research before buying an electric bike. Keep reading for best affordable electric bike: 3 key tips for buying an electric bike.

Are you excited to purchase your first electric bike? Not sure where to start?
It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the many choices available when it comes to buying an electric bike. It can depend on a number of factors and personal preferences.

Luckily we’ve created the perfect electric bike buying guide for you! Keep reading to find the best affordable electric bike for you!

1. What is the Best Affordable Electric Bike?
When it comes to electric bikes there are so many options to choose from. Is a fat tire electric bike right for you? Maybe you’d prefer a beach cruiser, folding, road, commuter, or touring electric bike?
First, ask yourself where you plan on riding your electric bike. This will help you get an idea of the type of bike that works best for your needs.

For example, will you need it to ride around town? Then you’re looking for a commuter option. If you plan on taking it off-roading down a mountainside, then a beach cruiser likely isn’t the choice for you.

2. Pedal Assisted vs. Throttle Bike
Pedal assisted means your bike will automatically begin to generate power when you start pedaling. The throttle bike requires you to turn the power on and off. Most often this is done using a button on your handlebars or a twist throttle like the ones you see on motorcycles.
For beginners, pedal-assisted electric bikes tend to be the most popular. They are easy to use and don’t require as much of a learning curve to get used to.

Electric bikes also come in three classes that can determine when your motor kicks in and turns off. Class 1 will kick in once you start pedaling and stop at 20 mph. A Class 2 continues to assist in the same way but also includes a throttle to increase your speed further.
Lastly, Class 3 is also a pedal-assist but will continue to assist until you hit 28 mph speeds. You can already see how each provides a different riding experience.

3. Torque Sensors vs. Cadence Sensors
When choosing an electric bike, you should be aware of the different safety factors that go along with the types of sensors.
Found on more inexpensive bikes, cadence sensors start up the motor based on your speed of pedaling. The only way you can increase assistance from a cadence sensor is to pedal faster. It can’t detect when you are pedaling harder.

For inexperienced riders, this can become a hazard in times when you don’t need an extra boost but the sensor provides one based on your pedaling. If you are driving around town, this could put you in a dangerous situation.

Torque sensors are more expensive but they also provide more advanced motor assistance. This technology is better able to adjust based on your riding conditions rather than simply the speed of your pedaling.
All sensors are known to have some quirks. The more experienced you become as a rider, the better equipped you will become to adjust to the motor kicking on and off while riding.

Just the Beginning

Electric bikes are popular because of all the amazing ways they can improve your riding experience. Now that you understand the importance of choosing the best affordable electric bike for you, it’s time to start researching the many options out there. Want more awesome riding tips and tricks? Check out our site for helpful ways to live your best bike riding life.