About as messed up as a story gets…

Forwarded by reader Tommy O., here’s a chilling story of an incident that happened in Asheville, North Carolina yesterday:

An Asheville firefighter charged with attempted first-degree murder after witnesses said he shot at a bicyclist, made his first appearance today in Buncombe County District Court.

Charles Alexander Diez, 42, apparently fired at the Asheville man after arguing with him about riding his bike on the busy road with his 3-year-old child in a bike seat behind him, Asheville Police Capt. Tim Splain said.

Read the rest of this harrowing tale by clicking here.

I cannot even begin to get my head around this incident…

10 Replies to “About as messed up as a story gets…”

  1. Clearly a man with mental health issues that should be taken off the streets. “I’ll show this guy how dangerous it is to ride with a child by shooting at him.”

    Sadder still are the trolls chiming in in the comments section using this story to launch into a tirade about getting cyclists off the streets.

  2. Oh, yeah…I meant to point out that the comments accompanying the original article are even more frightening than this incident. What is it about bike encounters that encourages the trolls to come out in force and basically “cheer on” the motorist or other offender?

  3. Dubya Tee Eff man!
    They let this guy be a firefighter? Isn’t there some kind of psych test? In Asheville no less! That seemed to be one of the few enclaves of rational thought in North Cackalacky, but now sheesh!

  4. It’s not safe to ride your bike around traffic with your kid! So I’ll shoot you and potentially kill you and very likely make you CRASH YOUR BIKE THAT HAS A THREE YEAR OLD ON IT.

    How is shooting someone the solution to an “unsafe” behavior?

  5. It is worth noting that the Asheville Citizen-Times comments section is notorious for outlandish claims. The article has, however, generated about 2 times more comments than their average online story.

  6. GR – You can’t get your head around this because nobody who is sane could. This story isn’t about cycling… I’ve got a strong feeling that just about anybody could have been on the receiving end of this guy’s “safety shot”, for any number of “reasons”.

  7. I will again repeat what others have said… It is the comments that went along with the story that disturbed me the most. How anyone in their right mind could defend this action is truly evil. I am familiar with that roadway, and I personally would not take my child on a bicycle on it, but to defend someone for shooting at another with intent to kill, WOW!!!

    The really unfortunate part is though, if the Ahole had just run over the family he would have gotten away with it with a minor slap on the wrist. At least that is what seems to happen most of the time.

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