Awnry Bikes

About Awnry Bikes:

The idea of Anwry Bikes was actually born on March of 2010 as an April fool’s joke, this idea has always been in the back burner until now. is happy to announce the release of our own official line of bicycles!

The Awnry Bikes Jack$son is a simple, fun and inexpensive commuter bicycle. We went with a Fixed Gear/Single-speed bicycle because they are easy to maintain, easy to repair and simple to ride. A steel frame was chosen for a comfortable ride and for its durability.

The Awnry Jackson comes in any color you want as long as it is black, but we also have a special edition “Sticker Bomb” bike that we have called “Da’ Bomb”.

The Bikes feature a flip/flop hub, a front brake, anti-theft wheel bolts and reflective accents for safety. Although the bicycles are imported from China, the paint and assembly will be done in the USA and the frame comes with 1 year warranty from manufacturing defects.

Awnry Bikes: Ride simple, ride fun.

We have this Anwry bike for sale in the LA/OC Market. This model we called the “Moco” because of the green accents. The bike comes with a green handlebar, green Awnry Stickers and green glow in the dark grips.


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