Feel down? Get on your bike and ride

I’m sure there’s some sort of science behind this, but anytime I’m feeling down or just unmotivated, I get on my bike and ride. This helps to clear my mind allow me to decompress from the day. Often times I get all stressed out from work, family and bills that I just need to bust out and scream. Well you can do that too if you’re on your bike. Something about it makes me feel soooo much better once I come back. It doesn’t even have to be a long bike ride, a ride around the neighborhood is plenty enough to get your mind clear and your blood flowing.

This rings so true when you’re day isn’t going as well as you had hoped. You need some fun in there!
super fun times

I have quite a few hobbies such as eating, mountain biking, placing an online bet and even sipping coffee while people watching. But there’s nothing like getting on my bike during the work day to make me feel better. Sometimes if I’m really stressed out, I’ll take a break from what I’m doing at the office, get on my bike and ride down to the local coffee shop. I won’t actually stop for coffee, but it’s my turning point. Once I get to that destination, I’ll turn around head back to the office. Once I get there, I have a better attitude, clearer perspective and clean air in my lungs. Sometimes it just helps to pull yourself out of a stressful situation, get some fresh air and get back to it moments later.

Oh here’s another one of my joys that RL has clearly demonstrated with his Grocery Gitter‘. I simply LOOOOVE doing errands like groceries or going to the hardware store with my bicycle. Basically I like to be able to do things on my bike that most people would take a car for. This helps to make me feel better and enjoy riding down the bike lane while people are stuck in their cars.