Interbike 2012: Swag Giveaway Contest…almost here!

Do you recall the prize package that Planet Bike donated for our Interbike Giveaway? It was beautifully packaged in this Eco-friendly (recyclable) container that handsome Chris Follmer is holding?
Well, we’re giving that away along with some extras such as socks, wool cap and a T-shirt (you get what you get on sizing). So the way this works, we’ll make the announcement later today and I’ll even lay out all the items that you can win. Only one winner, must be US resident and can’t be ugly. You must be as handsome as Chris Follmer. I know it won’t be easy to be as good looking as he is, but you have to be close.

Once the contest is active, you MUST go to our Facebook Fanpage to enter. You’ll need to hit LIKE and SHARE the contest. We then will blind fold Jack Sweeney, have him spin 20 times, and if he picks your name from the board, you win! Simple enough right? So stay tuned! Should be a fun day of prizes.

Interbike 2012: Riyoko Urban Bike Wear

Met up with Christy of Riyoko Urban Bike Wear and she has some really nice commuter clothing for the ladies.

Not sure why, but I can totally picture Mir.I.Am sporting this stuff.

Sweet jacket that I wish she had for men.

“Action Pleats”

Ya…you can commute with this!
Another top you can use for bike commuting.

Interbike 2012: EZ EL (electroluminecent wire)


Not sure how it works? Well this nice chart explains it. Basically there’s magic in them wires that allow them to glow.

Runs off a small battery pack.

One product they had was this ribbon EL that gives off that TRON look. They were actually kind enough to give me a set to test out. I’ve voluntold Jack Sweeney to test for the site.