About BikeCommuters.com

biking in the city BikeCommuters.com was created by two intrepid commuters in the spring 2007. Both were regular biking writers, and had broken off from another website to start their own mountain biking blog. However, bicycle industry leaders from all over the United States asked them to create a bike commuting website since their style of writing/blogging was unique from any other out there.

Not long after the site launch, BikeCommuters.com’s readership grew at an astounding rate. With that in mind, the team decided to sought the help of a another man who is a legend in the Florida biking community. Together, the trio has been an unstoppable force in the bike commuting world.

BikeCommuters.com provides news, articles, product reviews, and how to’s of anything that is related to bike commuting. Readers can enjoy an up to date selection of information that will help commuters from the grocery getting person to the guy that has a 60 mile commute.

If you have an interesting story about commuting by bicycle, or an idea for an article or product review, please drop us a note and maybe we’ll share it.