Green Tuesday: Interbike 2008- Cycle_Stock

As we were walking around, the items of a little booth caught my eye:

A young fellow introduced himself and told me the story behind these bags. The bags are made of mostly recycled/natural materials. They use plastic from old banners and the fiber of a plant that is very similar to Agave to create these bags. He also told me that all the bags are hand made in Colombia by women who are the heads of the household, not children. The material happens to be the same stuff that coffee bean sacks are made out of, so it is very strong and durable.

Prices will be close to their synthetic counterparts, although these handmade bags are not on their site yet, you can check out other stuff they make at

Interbike 2008- 183rd St. Bicycles

The story behind this brand is very interesting. Many moons ago, Steve Richey was the GM for KHS Bicycles, and on his way home one day from work, he was mugged by a few thugs with automatic weapons on 183rd St in Los Angeles County. So from that day on, he had vowed to somehow use that street name to do something with bicycles, a few years later, you see its outcome.

We’ll get more information about the company, prices and etc. Right now they are only selling frame sets.