Bike commuting infographic from the UK

Here’s one from our friends at Express Solicitors, a UK-based law firm. It’s geared toward someone “on the fence” about starting to bike commute:

Getting to and from work is always a topic is in the news. Not only are there various options, there’s also debates over which is the best way to do it. While the majority of people will probably stick with their cars and swear blind that they’re superior, the cycling scene is actually gaining continuous popularity. According to Express Solicitors’ new infographic, since 2003 over three quarters of a million more people in the UK have decide to get out their bikes and cycle their way to work. That is a dramatic and impressive increase in people altering their normal routine for an apparently faster, healthier and cheaper way to work.

Cyclists vs. Motorists: The Wheel Truth - Express Solicitors

Although the health benefits are widely known by many, there are numerous other reasons for people to opt for a bike instead of their car. For example, the costs of travelling using this mode of transport are a lot cheaper in comparison. Not only do you save on the cost of the commute, but you also save on the cost of owning and using your car in general - you could roughly save up to $1350 (£900) per year. Moreover, if you decided to get rid of the car completely and just rely on your bike, you could save a further $8950 (£6,000) per year! In such times of financial struggle, those numbers really can’t be easily ignored.

The infographic also makes a point of reinforcing just how helpful cycling to work is in regards to the environment and your carbon footprint. The example used to really set it into perspective is a daily bike ride: a daily ride that adds up to over 12 miles worth of travel could save nearly “one stone” of pollution. This is a very surprising amount when you consider just how much green topics are discussed and addressed on a daily basis. Moreover, there is arguably no doubt that knowing you’re helping look after the planet is a wonderful feeling every time you travel to and from work.

There are so many more benefits if you choose a bike over your car for work, so why not take a look at the infographic for even more powerful and surprising percentages to help give you that added boost for dusting off your bicycle.

Tools like this may just help undecided would-be commuters to give that bicycle a try. What do you think?


  1. BluesCat July 9, 2013 8:07 am 

    This is great info, and I love it. Unfortunately, in the USA a lot of the arguments work only in densely populated areas like the east coast.
    For instance, in car-centric Arizona, my commute through central Phoenix takes me right around 15 minutes by car in the morning and 20 minutes by car in the busy afternoons.
    On my bike, the ride in the cool mornings takes me about 30-35 minutes, and keeping a subdued pace in the afternoon means I ride about 40-45 minutes. So riding a bike, in my situation, is definitely not faster.
    Also, the cost of parking a car in Phoenix is much, much less than in New York or London!

  2. Paul Hossfield July 10, 2013 9:21 am 

    That last slide: “Wear helmets & seatbelts”. Seriously? Seatbelts on a bike?
    That said I commute every day rain or shine here in Providence, Rhode Island (USA). It takes about 35 min vs. 15 by car each way. Bike commuting is one of the best things I ever did for myself. I have been commuting for at least 7 years. I’m 63 years old. It has done wonders for my health & my wallet. I got rid of my car but my wife has a car so that is not as pure as it sounds.
    I am totally with them as far as helmets are concerned I had a crash recently. My helmet hit the road hard. If not for the helmet I would have been very seriously injured or worse. As it was I was riding again inside a week.

  3. bg July 13, 2013 8:20 am 

    Interesting comments. My bike and car times are similar. I look at it as 80 minutes of exercise minus 60 minutes I would have been in the car. That means 80 minutes of excersize for only an extra 20 minutes out of my day. Also 20 minutes to change at work and 15 to change before leaving. Okay, but on the days I don’t ride I do the treadmill at home and that takes time plus the car ride.

    But for me, the biggest benefit of getting exercise through biking to work, is that I can’t stop half-way and say “that’s enough for today, I’ll make it up tomorrow.” It’s too easy to get off the treadmill early.

    I have various routes to keep it interesting. And I avoid major roadways to keep things safe and stress free.

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