(Last Updated On: September 7, 2022)

Meet Scott Litwiller — he’s from Murphysboro, IL; check out his Bike Commuter Profile:

Scott with his commuter bicycle

How long have you been a bike commuter?
On and off for about three years now, through various odd jobs, distance permitting.

Why did you start riding your bike to work and how long is your commute?

Initially I started riding because I didn’t have a car of my own. Even now that I have a truck to drive, I still prefer to ride everywhere I go.

Right now I commute between 4-6 miles one way, depending on weather and time.

How does Bike Commuting help you with your lifestyle (economics, health, relationships)?

Well my truck gets about 15mpg, so even though my commute is pretty short I save about $30-$40 a month, which almost always goes toward something bike related at my LBS.
Health-wise riding makes me feel fantastic; I have a pretty lean build so exercise seems to be the only way for me to gain weight. Since I’ve upped my mileage at the beginning of the year I’ve put on about 4-5 pounds or so.

Relationship-wise it gives me something to talk about with friends,family,coworkers,etc. I feel like riding makes me stand out (not that I don’t already).

What do you do for a living and in what city do you bike commute?

For the time being I work at Wal-Mart as an electronics associate, at least until my fiancee finishes school.

Later I hope to finish school and hopefully get more involved in cycling, either as a career or a hobby.

I live in Murphysboro,IL, right next door to Southern Illinois University.

What kind(s) of bike do you have?

For the past year or so my only bicycle has been a Surly Steamroller (Complete), but at this point very little is original. It took me awhile to get used to riding a fixed gear, but now I prefer the simplicity. I love climbing hills on this bike, and I love the feeling that I’ve pedaled every mile of the way.

Just over a week ago I picked up a hybrid bike for $500 at a yard sale, and after some parts and paint it has become my beater, grocery-getter, and all around frankenbike. Pretty much anything I wouldn’t do to my Surly has been done to this bike, and it weighs a ton as a result!!. All it needs is a pair of Sweetskinz!!

Any funny or interesting commuting story that you may want to share?

I saved a turtle from being hit by a car on Bike to Work Day. And another previously on Earth day, but not during my commute. One of the downsides of commuting through wooded areas is that you see a lot of road kill, so its nice to make a difference every once in awhie.

What do people (coworkers, friends) say when you tell them that you are a bike commuter?

Its a real conversation starter at work; I think I’ve made more friends as a result. I’m the only one commuting by bike at the moment, but a lot of coworkers have asked me how to get started. My workplace installed a bike rack pretty much just for me!!

How about bicycling advocacy? Are you active in any local or regional advocacy groups?

I join in a critical mass ride every now and then, and I’m trying to join a few other rides this summer. Otherwise I’m not much for clubs.

Anything else that you want to share with us?

The site is great, If i have any ideas or guest articles I’ll be sure to send them your way. The sticker idea is a great way to get more people involved. It sure worked for me!!

We thank Scott for his time and for sending us his profile. Your stickers will be on their way!!!